Research Guide: Finding Your Family in Wills and Probate Records

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One Year’s Support: 1834

This is how much it took for my great great great grandmother, Felicia, to feed herself and four sons (the oldest was 6 years and the youngest was 2 months) for one year in 1834 in Gates County, North Carolina.


Pursuant to the annexed order, We the commissioners appointed, proceeded to lay off and set apart to Mrs. Felecia Freeman, Widow of Walton Freeman dec’d the following sums for the support of said Widow & family for one year


Viz: This amount to purchase
corn $150.00
Pork & bacon $80.00
Fish $10.00Felicia Freeman Widow's Support
Lard $5.00
Beef $8.00
Salt $4.00
Brown Sugar $10.00
Loaf Sugar $2.50
Coffee $5.50
Tea $2.50
Spirits $5.00
Spice, Pepper & Nutmeg $2.00
Fodder $10.00
Flour $13.00
Molasses $5.00
Amount to purchase peas $4.00



“North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979”,Gates County, Walton Freeman (1834), Widows Allowance; index and images, FamilySearch ( accessed: 24 March 2015); citing Division of Archives and History. State Archives, Raleigh; FHL film 2156302, folder 7067413, images 1722-1872.

Genealogy Tip: Estate Files Hold Clues to Marriages

Estate files are great places to find marriage information for the surviving spouse and any children.

⇒ Changes in guardianship of children often indicates a widow’s remarriage.

⇒ Estate divisions indicate current husbands of any  daughters.

⇒ Grandchildren of the deceased become heirs when their parent is no longer living